11900 Bailey Road
Cornelius, NC 28031
Ms. Ruth Petersen, Director

Guitar Class

Beginning Guitar - Ruth Petersen, Instructor

1st Semester or 2nd Semester – 2016-2017

8th Grade – A Days

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Introduction and Overview

Welcome to Beginning Guitar! Playing a musical instrument is not only fun, but has also been scientifically proven to increase brain-power and improve grades and test scores. In fact, one study showed that the average student uses up to 20% of their brain during the school day, but the average student who plays an instrument uses 90%!!!! Congratulations on your decision to do this for yourself!


Our focus for this class will be to first get all students proficient in basic guitar playing techniques, and then to branch out into as many styles of music as possible by the end of the semester. The school does NOT provide guitars for students, so all students are required to have their own acoustic guitar. Students are expected to bring their guitars each class day and take them home to practice. Buyer beware – if you are not sure what kind of guitar to buy or where to buy, please e-mail me with questions. You should be spending about $100-$350 (street price) for a decent beginning guitar.


Required Materials (Please bring on August 31st.)

Each student must have the following:

  • An acoustic guitar with a case (I strongly recommend nylon-string guitars or steel-string with light strings.) A hard case is preferred, but soft cases are acceptable.)
  • A check or cash in the amount of $24 per student for the guitar book. The students get to keep the books when the class is over. Checks should be made payable to Bailey Band Boosters and money should be turned in with the last page of document IMMEDIATELY so that I can order the books.
  • Several picks
  • A tuner that clips onto the headstock of the guitar
  • A pencil




Optional Materials

These materials are not required but students may find them useful or fun:


  • A guitar strap.
  • An extra set of strings.
  • A book of guitar chords or an app for an iPad/iPhone (There are many books available. Buy one with the most chords you can find.)
  • Guitar polish/polishing cloth


Goals for the Year, Class Rules and Expectations, and Grading Policy
will be handed out on the first day of class.

35% = Participation and Homework (Practicing)

65% = Tests, Concerts, Quizzes, Performances


To Contact Me:


I will be happy to discuss homework, grades, assignments, or any other class matters with you.
Please feel free to call me at school (980-343-1068) or e-mail me (r.petersen@cms.k12.nc.us).
Please note: my last name is spelled “sen” on the end.

You are most likely to reach me between 9:45 and 10:30 a.m., but you can leave a message any other time.



Check out our class web page: http://baileymiddleschoolbands.org/classes/guitar.html

Downloadable practice logs are available on this page.









Guitar Class Financial Form


Please tear of this sheet and return it to Ms. Petersen before IMMEDIATELY,
along with your check or cash in the amount of $24. Thank you! If you pay by check,
please make it payable to Bailey Band Boosters.


Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________________________________


Parent’s Name: __________________________________________________________________________________


Primary Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________________________


Secondary Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________________


e-mail __________________________________________________________________________________________




“I have read over the information with my child. Enclosed is $24 cash, or a check made out to Bailey Band Boosters.”


Parent’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________






For security reasons, since you’re sending money, please put form and money in an envelope, labeled with the student’s name and my name.